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Our Firm accepts all major credit cards. To process an online payment please click the button below. Your information will be securely transmitted. Please be sure to include any applicable file numbers and descriptions for faster processing of your payment. The mere receipt of a payment tendered does not create an attorney-client relationship, there must be a signed representation agreement between the client and the attorney to create such. Please ensure prompt return of any representation agreement submitted to you by your attorney.

Legal Fees

We are committed to providing quality legal services at a reasonable cost.

Flat-Rate Fees:

We offer flat-rate fees based upon the nature of legal services provided.  Our clients have come to appreciate and prefer our “fixed-rate” legal fees, Because our clients know at the onset what costs are involved, unwelcome “surprise”-bills or unexpected fees are virtually eliminated.  Payment plans are available in some legal matters.

Contingency Fees:

In our personal injury matters, clients are given a contingency fee agreement where by the client does not have to pay any attorney fee up front, but instead, pays a percentage of his/her award should he/she win the case. The fee arrangement will dictate the circumstances of payment.  We follow the rules governing contingency fee limits for attorneys in the state of Georgia.

Hourly Rate:

In some matters, fees may also be charged on an hourly basis.  Our clients always have a full and complete understanding of the costs and expenses involved in the case.

Expenses and Other Costs:

In addition to the legal fees, you will be required to pay all third party fees such as:  court costs, court reporter fees, courier fees for services like FedEx.  

Pro Bono Matters:

We accept Pro Bono clients referred through the Georgia Legal Services Program.